Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey SPLIT After 1 Year of Dating

That awkward moment when…you clean your ex from your social media.

Only two more weeks Michael B. Jordan And Lori HarveyThe actor and actress broke up. He deleted all trace of his ex-girlfriend from his Instagram account. But he isn’t the only one. Lori appeared to have removed Michael almost immediately after the news of their separation broke on June 5, 2015.

What’s the archive? From January 2021, their official IG post. Next, the 34th birthday celebration by the model, captioned “I Love You Baby…hope today was at least as special as your day.” You can also see their anniversary tributes, starting in November 2021. CreedActor’s feed showing the couple kissing.

Of course, there is no need for any bitterness. Well, it’s at least between Michael und Lori’s stepdad Steve Harvey.  

Steve stated that he is still cool from what I understand on the June 6, episode of Steve Harvey Morning Show. It’s a split. They’ll be okay, I think. Every day, people break apart.”