There are new details about the NFL’s players. Shane Olivea‘s death.

According to documents obtained by CelebHomes News on June 21, the 40-year-old San Diego Chargers star died from “hypertensive heart disease,” with the contributory cause of death attributed to “obesity.” Natural death was ruled for the former athlete. 

Olivea died on March 2nd, with the NFL team issuing a statement confirming that he had passed. 

Olivea’s former lineman was remembered by the team, who shared his legacy and recalled when he joined the Chargers. 

The Chargers selected Olivea in the 7th round (No. After a distinguished collegiate career at Ohio State, Olivea was selected in the 7th round (No. 209) of the 2004 NFL Draft,” reads the statement on March 3. He played in four seasons at San Diego starting in 57 out of 60 games.

Olivea continued the team’s message, saying, “In 2006 Olivea was an integral part of an offensive line which helped Hall of Fame runningback LaDainian Thomaslinson set the NFL single-season touchdown record.”

Olivea was released from the Chargers after four years. She had a problem with painkillers and she needed to get out of there. AP News. After completing rehab, he was able to join the New York Giants. However, his back injury cut short his time with them.