According to the 68-year old, she wasn’t concerned about embarrassing her children. Daily PopHer excitement at being a part was contagious. She called the stars of the special “really, truly talented.”

Vieira went on a nostalgic trip and was reunited with her father before this gig. The View co-hosts Joy Behar, Star Jones Debbie MatenopoulosThe 25th Anniversary of the Show. Even though Barbara WaltersVieira said that she was not able to attend the meeting, but her ex-colleague was “taskmaster” in comparison.

“Everything she’s done throughout her career, she earned it and expects you to do the same,” she stated. Barbara is a tough person to please. You could be turned on by her, but not in a malicious way.

Vieira admitted that despite some difficult experiences with Walters the show could have been cancelled if it weren’t for the television legend.