Do not expect to solve the case in the middle of Nur Murders are allowed in the BuildingIt is coming soon.

Based on Selena Gomez Steve Martin—part of the trio of true-crime podcasters on the critically-acclaimed Hulu series—season two is anything But straightforward. CelebHomes News exclusively revealed this information to Selena Daily Pop“We wanted to add more mystery. There are many twists and turns, which lead nowhere but all the way to where we need to go.

Steve even admitted to being taken aback by certain plot points, adding, “There are RealitätSurprises this season. Every actor gets the script. I say, “Oh!” So that’s a positive thing.

Although she isn’t as experienced as Selena’s Mabel or Steve’s Charles in sleuthing, her new role makes her a valuable addition to the team. Cara Delevingne, who plays an artist named Alice, shared a similar sentiment. She said that she didn’t know the fate of Alice and other characters. “And I was like “Why did you do this ?!'”?”