The first time for Joy BeharOn The View.

During the March 3 episode, the longtime co-host stunned viewers when she dramatically fell to the ground while approaching the iconic table. Almost immediately, Behar was met with assistance from her fellow co-hosts—Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin Sara Haines—as they circled around to help her up. 

“OK, full stop,” Goldberg told Behar. “Just stand.”

Per Behar, she missed the step to her tall, moving chair, which she went on to compare to The Exorcist. As Behar began to laugh off the fall, Hostin noted that “these chairs are dangerous.” Behar was also greeted with love by the audience. One member shouted, “We love Joy!”

Behar was not too upset by the incident and joked, “25 Years, that has never occurred!” Who do I sue?”

Despite joking that she had “gone flyin'”, she later assured viewers that she was not seriously injured. The View audience, “I’m a klutz!”