The taste of tempting.

CelebHomes News has exclusive access to the trailer Temptation Island season four, along with all the couples and sexy singles getting hot and heavy on the hit USA reality show.

As the sneak peek below teases, four couples at a crossroads in their relationships head to Maui, Hawaii to put their love to the test. The lovebirds will have to be faithful as they are joined by 24 other single men and woman who want to dance and have fun.

“I am a little scared of temptation,” one female cast member says as another male co-star admits, “She trusted me and I broke that trust.”

This is just the beginning of a lot of almost-naked fun, games and wild nights, and many many hookups. There’s plenty of drama, and there are lots of shenanigans.

One woman cries out in disgust at her partner and another says, “Like seven years have never happened.”