This is what you get. Nikki GlaserThis is what you are going to learn. CelebHomes’s newest series features the hit comedian, podcast host, and roastmaster who is moving from Hollywood to be closer to St. Louis. Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?Then she will embark on a funny and sometimes uncomfortable journey to self-discovery. 

As Nikki herself puts it in this sneak peek, the entire situation is “thoroughly chaotic.”

Thankfully, she’ll be able to lean on her parents Julie EJ GlaserShe was her best friend from childhood. Kerstin RobsonShe is her platonic roommate Andrew CollinAnd even her ex boyfriend Chris Convy. And despite being 1,800 miles from Hollywood, Nikki’s focus will remain sharp as she continues to hustle more than ever to make sure her star stays on the rise. 

To kick-off the madness Nikki is doing her best job: roasting networks “incredible enough to greenlight the show”.