IRL and work friendships: Where is the line? 

Janine looks like (Quinta BrunsonIt hasn’t been found yet by ). CelebHomes News Exclusive Abbott Elementary sneak peek—starring Tyler James Williams And Lisa Ann Walter—Janine argues that she and her fellow elementary school teachers are like family, but the rest of the group doesn’t seem to think so. 

“Well, look on the bright side,” Janine says during a thunderstorm, “now we all get to stay inside and have lunch together, which will be nice because—despite what some people say—we all love each other like one big happy family.”

“Ugh! What are you talking about?” AvaJanelle JamesAs she steps into the teacher’s lounge, she asks ( 

Jacob: “I told her that we are work buddies and she is doing this,” JacobChris Perfetti) responds. 

Janine (Walter), once more arguing they are like family, jumps in and states, “Honey family, you can kill for. You’re not my target. Except Barbara.”

Guess what? We have the answer!