Ten years later, and Ben Flajnik is still drinking wine and feeling fine. 

The Sonoma, Calif. winemaker decided to take a chance on love in 2012. He was selected by ABC as the lead for Season 16 ofThe Bachelor. He proposed to millions of people in front of millions. Courtney Robertson Only to end up with the couple splitting months later. 

As Clayton EchardBen takes over the reigns, and this week he begins to search for his love in the franchise. 

The 39-year old says, “Time flew by honestly.” Frequent FlyersCelebHomes News exclusively shares the author. Although I kept my distance from the franchise for so many decades, it’s still interesting to me that this was so far back and it’s still there today. However, it is a part my past that I treasure.

Ben, unlike other past contestants in ABC’s reality series, shuns sponsored Instagram posts or appearances on the red carpet. He works for Voyage Foods instead, which is a company that aims to provide future-proofing food.