Six months after stillbirth The Sunset Selling‘s Maya Vanderis attempting to put the future in focus.

“I have women (who might be going through the something similar) ask me how I’m doing after my stillbirth & pregnancy loss and how I’m able to continue pushing forward with my daily life,” she wrote on Instagram June 16. Each person handles loss differently. But for me, the secret is to be busy. I have found that a healthy distraction helps me keep going. 

She has some advice. Regain your routine. “My advice is get to work, socialize with people, get your body moving (endorphins), and talk to someone,” the 40-year-old shared. From my personal experiences, the pain caused by loss will never go away overnight. But today is an excellent day to either start the healing or help continue it.

Last summer, Maya announced that she and husband Dave Miller were expecting their third child. They are parents of a third child. Aidan3. Elle, 2.) She shared, however, that in December she had a stillbirth. Mason at 38 weeks pregnant.