Mathis Family MattersThe summer’s most popular show is undoubtedly the feeling-good one, but the series doesn’t shy away from more serious subjects. 

Judge Greg Mathis, Sr.And his oldest son. Greg JrCelebHomes News exclusive interview with.: Greg Jr.’s decision to hide his sexuality. As the family patriarch explained, “Greg and I had an [onscreen]There was discussion among his friends about not telling the public or sharing his gayness with them.

Judge Mathis said, “I believed he had, because he shared that with us when he was 18 years old and moved to Washington, D.C., which is a gay-friendly place, for almost a decade.” So I was surprised that he didn’t. There are times there that can be very emotionally charged in the sense I told him that he must fight.

The long-time TV personality was shocked to say the least. Greg Jr. had kept his secret from the public because he was afraid of being criticized by others, and also for the sake of Greg Jr.