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Avoid the sun if you desire a radiant tan. Use a professional self-tanner instead to achieve the faux glow that you always wanted. The world of self-tanners has changed a lot since its inception. There have been many products that make our skin turn orange, and some of them are quite unpleasant-smelling. They aren’t! Far The past. TanTowels is the best choice if you’re looking for an easy, natural-looking tan. 

Don’t be confused by tanning sprays and lotions. TanTowel wipes are the right amount of product. These wipes are easy to use, and can be used in a messy manner. You can wash your hands immediately after applying. Clear tanner won’t stain your clothing and doesn’t leave streaks. It can take between two and four hours for your color to appear, while it lasts up to seven days. 

It is Such An iconic product, with a huge following. They are perfect for getting a full body tan and some minor touch ups to my legs, in case I feel the need to go short or skirtless. You know that tanned legs are essential for summer. HSN is offering a 50% discount so you can get your bronze and look your best. This set of 12 towels costs approximately $80. However, HSN is offering a special price of $40 for the same deal in three colors.