It’s amazing how things have changed!

Rachel RecchiaAnd Gabby Windey are used to dating the same man after participating in Clayton EchardSeason of The BachelorBut they will have lots of choices when the two runner ups become the leading contenders Bacheloretteseason 19. ABC teased in a Facebook post on March 23, “We are giving you an early look at the men who may participate in season 19 of Bachelorette.” 

Producers shared photographs of eligible bachelors along with their hometowns and ages. However, don’t become too attached to them. Potenzial contestants. ABC will release the official roster of suitors  after they’ve properly vetted the men. 

It’s unknown how the season will unfold because this is the first year that two Bachelorette women are being chosen. ABC has yet to announce how eliminations will work, leading some to wonder whether Rachel and Gabby will have to work together to decide who stays and who goes. And then there’s the bigger question of what happens if they like the same guy—perhaps a coin toss?