MGK spoke recently about his daughter Kelly Clarkson ShowShe stated that she trusts her opinion more than mine now. As if she can sense the pulse of hot and what’s popular, she will confirm that I am singing the correct song.

“Does she tell you when it is crap?” Host Kelly ClarksonMGK answered, “Oh, yeah, that’s sure.”

Casie also mentioned that she is interested in sports, and that he took her recently to try out for volleyball at her school.

“She approached me and handed me like recruitment papers. I was shocked and asked, “What is it?” He said, “Like the NBA draft.” My favorite thing was when I saw the contract. I thought, “Casie dude, they are going to give you $1,800.” Then I looked closely and realized that I had to say, “Oh! YouYou will need to spend $1,800 Right, OK.”