This lating singer made history by touring for a reported 3 1/2 years. The lucky little latin star visited various different countries all the while. Inspeaking of little, he won a Grammy at 14 years old! Now that his massive tour’s over, what’s next for him? For Luis Miguel, there is no next, but rather what’s pending. Miguel has been trying to sell his 4,830 sq ft Los Angeles estate since July of 2013. He was originally singing for $5.895 million. The price decreased to the price of what the house stands at today; $5.469 million.

The three story structure is great in living space, and has an even floor plan of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Everyone gets a turn! It’s move-in ready, kitchen is spacious and furnished, and elegant chandeliers are ready to light up the place at your arrival. Fireplace, walk-in closet, centralized cooling, and pool are also included. The upper floor has a full balcony that overlooks the backyard nicely. Additionally, the back patio can accommodate sufficient seating, as well as a BBQ. You might as well buy it, otherwise Luis will hypnotize you with a song that contains reasons why you should.

Address: 929 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles CA 90077