One may think that the founder of Home Depot, our no. 1 stop for construction and useful handy household products, would have a very large house to their name after having access to an inventory of limitless supplies. Well, just so happens, they do! Bernie Marcus bought property on Wildercliff Dr in Atlanta, GA. That was back in 85′. Two years later, the Home Depot Founder’s mansion was brought forth on 3 acres, and man is it a site to see. Shame that it’s not up for grabs any longer, at least for the moment.

The 10,314 sq ft expanse was willing to be sold at $2.5 million for 5 straight months until the listing got removed, according to reports by Zillow. Some day…..someone will buy it……some day…..and, the house has much to show for it. Like its size may suggest, there are 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms to be found, along with a large furnished kitchen that opens up to beautiful views, adjacent breakfast area, screening room, study/library/media room, indoor swimming pool, monstrous fireplaces, monstrous wine cellar, monstrous parking lot……Marcus don’t play!

Address: 7460 Wildercliff Dr, Atlanta GA 30328