Spoilers in this story Love is blind Season two.  

You might be blind to the love you have for someone. Shaina HurleyIt’s not, however it is definitely there.   

On Wednesday, Mar. 2. Love is Blind star spoke with Nick Viall on his Viall Files podcast and revealed that she’s got a new man in her life. She did not. Not Meet him at the pods during season 2 of Netflix’s dating show.  

She told Bachelor Nation that she was actually in a relationship. She said, “It is very serious.”  

The reality TV star shared that her new boyfriend has been “nothing but a support” throughout the airing of her on-and-off relationship with Kyle Abrams this season, whom she initially broke up with due to religious differences. 

Speaking about her boyfriend, Shaina added, “he’s been great throughout the whole situation. I’m happy.” 

However, she did poke fun about the timing of her new relationship, especially as she’s now started to receive “men sliding into the DMs” since the show began airing in February.