Custom homes are unique because you can customize everything. Although this may seem like an appealing prospect, it is a dangerous one. With endless choices out there, how can you narrow each design decision down to only one option?

You might find it difficult to make a home. That’s why it is so helpful to search for inspiration. Although there are many beautiful homes, it is fun to take a look at the homes of celebrities to get some ideas. They can have solid aspirations with access to top designers and architects.

You’re looking for inspiration when you are designing your new home. These are five stunning examples of celebrity homes.

1. Hilary Duff’s LA Pad

Hilary Duff’s house is a wonderful inspiration. Every corner has something that makes it stand out. It’s a bit quirky in its furniture selections, but it manages to strike the right balance between whimsical and sophisticated. Are you looking for an equally fun and wonderful home? think bold with Fieldstone?

2. Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’s Farmhouse

To go in a different direction, let’s take a look at the rustic and charming farmhouse belonging to celebrity power couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Here, wide-open spaces, high ceilings, and big windows are the main focus—and wood—lots of wood. This house could be a model for how to maximize and emphasize space.

3. Designer Brian Atwood’s Patterned Apartment

This house is great for those with limited space.  Located in Manhatten, Designer Brian Atwood’s Apartment uses every inch of space carefully, and he’s not afraid of a good patterned wallpaper. It sounds overwhelming to think that this would be too much in such a small area, but he somehow makes it work.

4. A Real Housewives’ Berkshires Estate

Real Housewives of New York fans will be familiar with Dorinda Medley’s nickname for her Berkshires home, which castmember Dorinda called ‘The Berkshires Home.Bluestone ManorThis property is appropriately named ‘St. George,’ which makes it a stately name. Both the grand architecture and the bold design choices give the house an air of regality and sophistication that’s unique and enviable. Particularly, the furniture and fabric choices make this house stand out.

5. Jason Statham’s Understated Abode

Jason Statham’s house is beautiful for an actor and action star. The unusual design of Statham’s home makes it stand out enough for its minimalist interior design to work. Light, spacious, and minimally designed, the rooms allow the structure and shape of the house to really shine.

Celebrity Homes to Inspire Your Home

This collection of celebrity homes is meant to be an inspiration for those who want bold and stunning home designs. It’s exciting to build a home. Gathering inspiration is the best part. Check out our other sites to find more celebrities’ homes.