Sometimes you are closer to evil than you think.

That’s the entire premise of Oxygen’s true crime show Living with a Serial KillerThe series returns to television this summer for its second season. Over the course of eight episodes, the series will cover the criminal investigations of serial killers across North America and the United Kingdom, seeking answers to a very terrifying question: What is it like to discover that the person you shared your life with is really a vicious murderer? 

However, experts and investigators will not be the only ones striving to understand the seemingly impossible. CelebHomes News has an exclusive peek at it. Living with a Serial KillerThe second season will include interviews with both suspects and victims’ loved ones. 

In the trailer below, one of our interviewees says that “we have to live out our lives.” Our family has never done this.” 

The same chilling descriptions of a “brutal and ruthless” person as someone “when you looked into his eyes, they were without any humanity.”