Zac Clarkhe is fed up with the criticisms

His relationship with Tayshia Adams came to an end in November 2021, Bachelorette star isn’t afraid to stand up for the woman whose heart he once won over.

Tayshia shared bikini pics on Instagram this week after spending the day in Newport Beach, Calif. When one of her followers asked why Tayshia “constantly posted selfies, boobs, and bikinis,” Zac was compelled to step up and defend his ex.

“Congrats!! You got me! My first, and hopefully last ‘clapback!'” He posted his thoughts in the comment section. He wrote, “Enough is enough. “Enough is enough.” This is one of the issues with social media. It gives people like yourself a voice, and an unwarranted amount power. Truth is that we all see the same s—t. I also see it.

Wait, he’s not done.