Lindsie ChrisleyShe is speaking out for her dad after she split from him Todd ChrisleyStepmom and stepmom Julie ChrisleyThey were found guilty in fraud and tax evasion.

Also included was a picture of her and her nine-year-old son JacksonShe shares her ex-husband with. Will CampbellLindsie stated, “The verdict wasn’t what I had hoped and prayed for. And I am deeply saddened about myself, my child, and our entire family.”

Asking fans to “pray for us during this difficult time,” the 32-year-old went on to share that she has decided to take some time away from hosting her Concoctions of CoffeeAnd Southern Tea podcasts and explained how she’ll “be back when the time is right.”

In her Instagram Story of June 8, she wrote, “Thanks so much for all your love and support!”

Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, were indicted in August 2019 after federal authorities accused them of conspiring to defraud several banks by allegedly providing falsified information while applying for millions of dollars in loans from as early as 2007 through approximately 2012. Both were accused of using loan proceeds for personal gain.