This news is even better than a large burger and large fries, or a cosmopolitan.

Season two Sex and the City reboot,Just like that… The series is currently in development, however it won’t be available on small screen (or streets) of New York until the series creator approves. Michael Patrick KingIt was revealed which estranged best friend Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw stand.

Carrie is the star of season 1.Sarah Jessica ParkerSamantha (Kim CattrallThe pair, who both now live in London and had previously exchanged text messages with each other. Will they still text each other? King said, “Yes!”

Although Cattrall didn’t reprise her role, her role of the smart and provocative public relations specialist was retained by the writers. 

The finale of season 1 was filmed while Mr. Big (the host) spreads his (the host).Chris Noth) ashes abroad, Carrie texts Samantha, “I’m in Paris. Would you like to have a drink with me? Samantha replies, “How is tomorrow night?”