Mama JuneThe new relationship between ‘and her daughter is causing havoc in their marriage.

June’s daughter LaurynPumpkin” EfirdShe and her husband Josh Efird discuss June’s latest shenanigans and how it’s negatively impacting their relationship in this exclusive clip from the June 10 episode of Mama June: The Road to Redemption.

“Did it happen?” Pumpkin asks Josh. Josh questions Pumpkin. Pumpkin refers to the “s–t”, which is June’s news of a mystery 24-year-old.

Pumpkin also speculates June may have left her daughter alone. Alana “Honey Boo Boo” ThompsonTo hurry home to her boy toy.

Pumpkin says, “Now she lives over there with a 24-year-old man.” “Damn you don’t have to just sit there for a moment, Pumpkin!”

Josh pretends to be shocked when his wife complains of her mother. This is probably not the most professional approach. “I’m shocked,” Josh jests. It was something I had never expected. “Did you?

Pumpkin doesn’t seem to be in any joking mood. She replied “What a smart sex, put up!”