The iconic Space Needle, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, these are but a few standard identifiers that are often associated with the city of Seattle, Washington. But Seattle has much more to offer than these few brand names.

Seattle sits in a geographic location that has been inhabited by humans for over 4000 years as a result of archaeological evidence. Today, Seattle is a diverse melting pot and primarily considered a liberal place to live and additionally is touted as the most literate city in the United States as a high percentage of residents are college graduates.

The downtown area of Seattle is also prime real estate and home to many individuals and businesses, which makes Seattle so diverse and economically charged. If you’re looking for a luxury condo in downtown Seattle, you’ll likely want to familiarize yourself with the local neighborhoods.

About Downtown Seattle

Downtown is Seattle’s central business hub, but it is notably smaller and much more compact than the downtown sectors of most major U.S. cities. It is due to the region’s geographic makeup. It consists of a combination of tidal flats to the south, also known as “reclaimed land,” and a series of hills to the north and east of the central district. 

The geography is also a reason why Seattle’s architecture and building arrangements are designed the way they are, to utilize the most space in a smaller area.

Initially, in the early 1850s, downtown Seattle was the primary area of residence for citizens. After the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, residents moved further away from the central region, leaving it to be redeveloped by businesses, which is why it remains as a central business district today.


If you’re looking for a luxury condo in downtown Seattle, several established neighborhoods offer prime real estate to choose from. Not only are these the perfect locations for anyone who enjoys city life, but living in these neighborhoods also brings you closer to work if your business is located downtown.

Some of downtown Seattle’s most notable neighborhoods are as follows:

  • Denny Triangle
  • Belltown
  • Retail District
  • West Edge
  • Pioneer Square
  • Financial District
  • Government District
  • Little Saigon
  • Chinatown
  • Japantown
  • First Hill (Western side)

Before moving to the downtown area, it is advisable to consider that this area is a bustling one, as not only is the downtown area Seattle’s prime business region, it is also home to excellent shopping and nightlife as well. 

With this in mind, and due to its compact nature, downtown Seattle can be a bit noisy and seem a bit busier than most American cities.

Considering Downtown Seattle

If you’re a business professional who enjoys being at the center of everything, downtown Seattle is perhaps one of the best options. Not only are luxury condos with fabulous views a part of this area, but the abundance of city transportation and biking pathways are also evidence of a town where sustainability matters just as much as big businesses.

One thing about living in downtown Seattle is that you’ll immediately recognize the numerous cyclists that criss-cross the city on their daily commutes to and from work. 

Additionally, you’ll learn that you live in one of the best places to find excellent local cuisine as some of the best restaurants in Seattle call the downtown area home.