Like Lena Headey’s character in one of the top hottest TV shows currently out there, she’s quick and sneaky. The chosen actress that has been portraying Cersei Lannister just purchased a fairly quaint 3 bed/3 bath abode in the Sherman Oaks area for a reported amount of $790k, which would only be a pinch of her fictional pockets. The Lannister name in “Game of Thrones” speak for itself. The Lannister family is the wealthiest of all families, and a Lannister…….well……..always pays their debts.

Tis only fitting that Headey lives high n’ mighty, like her character. Perhaps she’s playing it cool or setting money aside to renovate the 1,808 sq ft home. The one-level house was built in 1951. It boasts revitalized hardwood flooring and has a fireplace. Attached parking is also another perk this simple warm home has to offer. The beauty about this buy is leaves adequate room for Headey to, perhaps, paint everything gold.

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