There are celebrities that fall off the face of the earth entirely, and there are those who kinda do. Nicole Richie has just been trying to live a “simple life,” like the TV series she produced back in 05′ suggests. If you follow Hollywood gossip, then you may or may’ve discovered that Richie’s simple life involves dinner dates and walks with high-profile celebrities. I guess that when you have various projects going for yourself, more leisure time accompanies. Nicole Richie actually has two books that are out. Her house in Glendale, CA is also out…….on the market, for $1.875 million.

Richie’s selling the balanced floor plan (4 bed and 4 bath) estate with husband and Good Charlotte lead vocalist, Joel Madden. The house is well-hidden, at least the front of it is. Courtesy of various types of tree life. But once you’re done using your machete to clear a path, the beauty of the 4,718 sq ft gets unveiled. You have your lengthy narrow driveway, and visitors get greeted by a cutesy architectural water fountain. The house has two stories. Amenities to be had are fireplaces, masterful kitchen appliances, office, walk-in closets, serene backyard lounge, and hot tub.

This is just one of those houses where you’d be getting some bang for your buck. And if you’re into spanish-inspired homes that have a touch of elegance, then this may be somewhere on top of your real estate shopping list.

Address: 1516 Hillcrest Ave, Glendale CA 91202