Who runs the world? Girls! This especially includes the writer, producer, and director of the show, Lena Dunham. She also maintains a regular role of the show, the Hannah Horvath character. Since the show’s debut, “Girls” garnered two Golden Globe awards and a dozen other accolades. Dunham’s condo is also award-winning! It’s reported that she purchased one out of five units in an apartment building in Brooklyn Heights back in May of 2014.

We can safely assume that she’s settled in by now and enjoying the luxuries the unit has to offer; indoor parking, deck atop the building, and beautiful views of the neighborhood via the various rooms. While there’s much more to be had, the photos that we supplied and attached to this post aren’t exactly those of Lena Dunham’s unit. However, they may give you a very good idea of what her pad’s actually like. It’s reported that she laid down nearly $5 mill for the 4 bed/3.5 bath floor plan.

Address: Unknown