The one and only, Tyra Banks, may be modeling less. But, her face though! At 41 years old (or young, should we say), Banks still maintains great beauty, as does her 2 bed and 2.5 bath apartment in SoHo. First, what has the veteran model been up to lately? As far as we know, Banks is still set to produce a comedy TV show for ABC. She’s also an accomplished author, and may write a second book of her own in due time. Tyra is just still on that hustle flow. You go, girl!

So, to top Banks’s agenda, she’s trying to sell her 2,063 sq ft apartment on Lafayette St. for $3.795 million. One may think immediately, in a George Takei voice, “Oh my!” But remember, it’s NYC. Those who inquire would be paying for both location and luxury. Prestigious appliances, office/study, full landscape views, 24-hour doorman, a slew of various restaurants and stores, and more goodies make the asking price worth all the while for those who can afford it.

Address: 225 Lafayette St. Apt 11D, New York NY 10012