Leah stated, “I believe people were upset over the last season of the show because it wasn’t fun or light”

Leah said, “I don’t know why. Because I wanted to have some fun, but we were discussing very serious matters that weren’t my thoughts, but if they’re being discussed, I will act accordingly.”

More often than not, these “serious” conversations revolved around race, with Eboni—RHONY‘s first-ever Black Housewife—leading the charge.

“If we’re talking about racism, I’m not going to get up and get naked and throw tiki torches,” Leah added, referring to her now-famous scene in season 12. It’s not something I do.

Leah was often one of Eboni’s few supportive castmates on the show, and at one point called out fans who were quick to criticize the first-time Housewife for daring to try and educate her co-stars. “ps. “ps. There are hard conversations being had, and no one is doing it right. This includes all of us. We are working on it.”