Grab your hats and get ready for the Upside Down.

Netflix has released the last trailer for Season 4 on May 23rd. Stranger ThingsThe new season of ‘, premieres May 27, three years after the end of season 3. The new season—starring OGs Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, David Harbour And Winona Ryder—is set six months after the events of season three and the Battle of Starcourt.

The season follows the group, who are separated for the first time, as they struggle with the aftermath and navigate the complexities of high school. The streamer described the new supernatural threat as “in this most vulnerable period” and said it “presents a horrifying mystery that, if solved might finally end the horrors associated with the Upside Down.”

Dustin, One SecondGaten Matarazzo“What do you think?” is what he says prior to organizing a group huddle. What do you think?

Mike Wolfhard replies, “It’s dangerous as hell.” “The chances of success are twenty to one.”

Dustin says, while rolling the die: “Never tell my odds.”