Anterior Law & Order: Special Victims Unit showrunner Warren LeightWe bid farewell detective Amanda Rollins.

As a response, Kelli GiddishThe writer shared his thoughts on how he worked with Kelli Giddish on Instagram after her August 24 announcement of leaving the series. August 25: “Writing for Kelli was an undeniable joy,” Leight shared. She has perfected pitch from the first reading through to the final read. Thank you for helping me to define Rollins. Godspeed, Kelli.”

Giddish was the one who joined SVU In season 13, Leight posted her comments to her Instagram Story. She added, “I never took that lightly getting the character you created, and wrote year after year.”

Leight was showrunner in seasons 21-23. Law & Order: SVU earlier this year.

A writer David Graziano Giddish has been replaced as showrunner by John, who indicated that he is not responsible for Giddish’s sudden exit. August 25: He explained to fans that Giddish’s exit is more complicated than what it appears on the surface. “All I can say is Kelli has managed this with the most incredibly elegant comportment.”