Back in February, Anderson—who starred as the titular role in ABC’s Black-ish across the comedy’s eight seasons—revealed that he was the one that reached out to Wolf to reprise his role. 

We were just two weeks away from the end of our show Black-ishHe said, “It is,” People at the time. They made an announcement. Law & OrderHe was returning. And so, I got on the phone to Dick Wolf, and said “Hey Dick, it’s true?”

He continued, “He said, ‘It is.’ Anderson continued, “He said, ‘It is.’ I was like, ‘Well, you know. I am a free agent starting Nov. 19th.’ Anderson agreed. “And [Wolf]I was thinking, “Anthony you don’t know how happy this phone conversation makes me.”

Although he’s done with the detective work, it is still a great feeling to have seen Bernard live. You can read on to see which stars left TV shows this year. 

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