Miranda CosgroveShe is as amused by the TikTok campaign she started as many of you.

It will be August 2020. iCarly star admitted on her friend Whitney CummingsIt’s Good for You podcast that she does “cuss a little” and shared her favorite curse word (“f–k”), which spurred laughter. Since then, scores of TikTokers have posted videos of themselves dancing to a remix of the lively soundbite. Celebs include JoJo Siwa, Joe Jonas with his wife Sophie Turner, Lizzo and Cosgrove’s co-star Josh Peck have also parodied the podcast clip.

“I mean, I hope I didn’t mess up anyone’s childhood,” Cosgrove, 29, told People in an interview published May 26. It is amazing the way that the internet works. It’s like you don’t know when something will become popular or what is going to happen.

Cosgrove, who appeared alongside her in April, joined the party. iCarlyRevival co-star Amanda CernyIn their TikTok parody podcast soundbite.