Friends are only there to make you embarrassed.

26 May Kelly Machine Gun stopped by The Tonight ShowAnd told the host Jimmy Fallon Here’s a story about a hilarious prank he played on his pals Pete Davidson.

He was asked to perform at the show by “Emo Girl” Sandra Bullock‘s house for Easter one year, and decided to bring Pete along — except he left out details about exactly whose party they would be attending.

Pete, assuming the night would be low-key, met up with Machine Gun Kelly—also known as Colson Baker—with some “40s” (aka 40-ounce bottles of alcohol). Pete realized that Champagne was more fitting when they arrived.

MGK reminisced the moment with a grin: “We walked into it and it was, wie, Jen Aniston…And Pete was like, ‘Why would you do this to me, we look so stupid, like we have 40-ounces and we’re at Sandra Bullock’s.'”

Pete is the ex-Saturday Night Live star. He brought a surprise to MGK’s party and one for Pete.