Diddyoffered Lauren LondonDuring one of the hardest moments in her life, she had nothing but love.

A new interview The Game actress reflected on the sudden passing of her longtime boyfriend Nipsey Hussle—who died in 2019—and discussed her heightened emotions while attending his funeral, which Lauren said felt like she “floated through.” Admitting that she struggled to get ready for Nipsey’s service, she revealed it was Diddy who got her through the tough event.

“I just felt like it was surreal…I didn’t even want to get dressed. I was gonna wear sweats,” Lauren said on a July 13 episode of the Angie Martinez IRL podcast. “Puff grabbed me by the arm and said, “Look, boo. Your example has shown everyone what it is like to be a man and how to love him. Let them see what happens when all that goes well is crumbling. It’s their responsibility.

She continued, “He was like “Show up, with your head high.”

Lauren shared that she believed her kids were what inspired her during her grieving, even though she experienced moments of despair and wanted to give up.

“I feel like my kids deserve happiness. “My kids are entitled to a happy mom,” she stated. Their joy is deserved. They deserve joy. “So that’s it.