Westeros still has the Iron Throne.

Then there’s the Game of Thrones series House of the Dragon, it’s even bigger than the one featured in the fan favorite HBOReihe. Images from the upcoming prequel show the throne in all its glory, with an abundance of swords and metal cascading down the stairs.

Showrunner, “It wasn’t hard to build that,” Miguel SapochnikSubmitted Entertainment Weekly. It was a satisfying process because we didn’t have to limit how it could be done. It was more like we created it then worked backwards.

This is a better representation of the throne George R.R. Martin envisioned, but posed a challenge for the filmmakers as it’s not your typical chair. In the story, the metal object is forged from swords of Aegon Targaryen’s defeated enemies and towers over everyone in the room at almost 15 feet. However, this was not possible.