Could This be the End of Ted Lasso’s Final Season? Hannah Waddingham Says…

Similar to Ted Lasso’s break with tea Jason Sudeikis is not budging on his three season plan for the Apple TV+ comedy.

CelebHomes News interviewed me in an exclusive interview Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham confirmed that there are currently no plans to extend the critically-acclaimed series past its upcoming third season.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “I asked him recent.” “And he said: “Yeah. For now, I believe so. “And he said, “Yeah, I think so for now.”

Jason was the co-creator of the show. Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt  Joe Kelly(He has maintained his intention to have a three-season arc.

Hannah said she was feeling “gently gutted” after hearing the news and added, “I don’t wanna hang up those boots. I love her. She is my friend. She is my friend. He has made me a wonderful friend. She will be missed like a dear friend.”

Hannah wasn’t the only one to fall for her character. Rebecca Welton is also a fan. Hannah received her second consecutive Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy nomination on July 12. After receiving a statue from the 2021 Emmys, the actress is now the reigning Emmy nominee in this category.