There’s nothing more captivating than the lives of celebrities. We see them everywhere, on TV, on social media, their faces on billboards and on the big screen. They’re in our homes, they sell us products and they influence our lives in ways we don’t even realise! So, when we see what money and success has brought our favourite celebrities, it makes fans like us want to emulate them. Celebrity home trends are always changing, and thankfully you don’t have to have a huge Bel Air mansion to replicate them. Here we’ll take a look at the latest celebrity home trends you won’t want to miss.


Whilst it isn’t necessarily a ‘home trend’, your style is the simplest approach to imitate the latest celebrity trends. Glasses, for example, are a huge accessory right now. With celebrities of all calibres donning the very latest in glasses flair and elegance. Retro styles, in particular, are incredibly popular at the moment with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston and Robert Downey Jnr effortlessly sporting elegant retro frames. You can find a stunning range of frames online – click here to view them. 

Outdoor living

Celebrities who are living in the hot Californian sun are lucky enough to embrace the outdoor living trend. Popular with the likes of Elton John, outdoor living is achieved by bringing a touch of the comfort and style of the indoors, outdoors. Outdoor rooms are usually accessed by large sliding doors or kept undercover with large, sprawling, luxurious canopies

There’s nothing more luxurious than being poolside as you lounge in a stunning Boca do Lobo sofa and glance over your matching coffee table at the mountains surrounding your secluded villa. 

Open floor plan

For the ultimate in aesthetic, more celebrities than ever before are embracing the open floor plan trend. This trend brings together the elements and key features of different rooms and instead of shutting them away, it brings them all together. Kitchen meets lounge, dining room meets bar. This open plan arrangement makes hosting parties much simpler, and it brings together families whether they’re cooking, exercising or relaxing after a long day of avoiding the paparazzi.


The minimalistic trend is going from strength to strength. No more trinkets and clutter here. By using the bare essentials, celebrities like Maria Sharapova create the ultimate in comfort yet with complete simplicity. Don’t worry about your home lacking character, the character comes with the minimalism. Clean lines and mono colours make this simple style utterly breathtaking.   


If you lived in Beverly Hills, you’d want to make the most of the view, wouldn’t you? This is why more celebrities than ever are embracing a trend that focuses on providing a view like no other. Floor to ceiling windows allows homeowners to bring a touch of the outdoors, inside. Without bringing in the unpredictable weather or their adoring fans. Who needs to hang pictures when you’ve got a real-life canvas outside your window?

What’s your favourite celebrity home-trend of 2020?