Life is just the same story written by billions of different authors, is it not? We all draw inspiration from one another and, in a way, live the same life through a different perspective. So whether or not you’re a celebrity yourself looking for some ideas for your own luxury home, or just someone looking for fresh concepts to enlighten your current abode, these homes should give you plenty to go on. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best Vancouver celebrity homes that you can draw inspiration from and use for your own personal spaces. 

House Number 1: Chip Wilson

What more would you expect from the CEO of Lululemon other than a super exaggerated version of postmodernism personified in a home? Chip Wilson’s home on the west coast of Canada is essentially a concrete palace, just the niche of luxury that Vancouver real estate agents like Ron Parpara love to deal with. 

The home greets you with slabs of flat gray concrete lining the exterior with bits of one-way glass peeking through the grayness to bring some light to the rather blithe situation. Some of you may be wondering why anyone would want such a dull looking home. However, you’ll be surprised that some people actually prefer the monotone vibes of modern architecture and love the chill vibes this subtle luxury gives off.

  • How To Use This Property For Ideas And Inspiration

Take the concepts of Chip’s home and add it to your living room, bedroom, or personal space if you’re trying to create a truly quiet and tranquil space meant for productivity and relaxation. Add some gray, sun-blocking curtains, some sleek and slim modern furniture, minimalistic designs to accentuate the room and—boom!—you’ve done it. 

Celebrity Home Number 2: Justin Bieber

If you’ve seen anything of Justin Bieber’s other several homes, you’ll know what’s coming, and you’ll know that it will be nothing like Mr. Chip Wilson’s concrete palace we looked into previously. Bieber is known—at least in the real estate community amongst luxury agents—for the bright and open airy features present in his homes. (Let’s not forget his previously owned $60,000 a month Beverly Hills home that looks a bit like a big aquarium.)

Bieber’s Canadian home completely lives up to those expectations, appearing as a prototypical large spread mansion. The home is bright colored, well-lit, seemingly open-concept, and the definition of a modern style place. The natural lighting that accompanies the open-concept of the house adds an optimistic feeling to the home, and what else would you expect of JB?

The home features a two (yeah, two!) story wine room, a racetrack, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, private lake access, and a home theatre, of course—because what celebrity home doesn’t come suited with a home theatre? 

  • How To Use This Property For Ideas And Inspiration

This property is for you optimists, those who love the sun, the outdoors, and natural light. Take Bieber’s home design and make it your own by applying a white-out concept to all your open spaces and common areas. Depending on your budget, you could change all linens and furniture, paint, or even go so far as to install new bay windows and a skylight to encourage the sun to come in. 

Of course, you can choose to construct your own racetrack or hire a contracting crew to build a lake for yourself if you can afford to, but you can also consider an in-ground pool, a patio, and other more affordable outdoor amenities than can work together to seamlessly bridge the gap between your home and the outdoors. Add a grill, a fire pit, and an outdoor reading nook to compliment the area and finish off the look. 

House Number 3: Drake

You cannot look at Canadian homes for inspiration without taking into account the unofficial Prime Minister of the country (sorry, Justin Trudeau.) Drake’s home is on the other side of the country but the value is too high to not draw some inspiration from for yourself. 

If you know anything about the Canadian rapper, you may expect the home to be outlandish and lavish—and let’s just say that your stereotypes would be completely accurate. Drake’s Canadian abode looks a bit like how you’d probably expect British parliament to look on both the inside and out, sporting a bright-colored Whitehouse diplomatic look with its limestone face. 

The inside is no different, expanding 50,000 square feet with marble flooring covering the walkways in black and white. The rooms are cavernous and expansive, with ceilings higher than the “No Ceilings” mixtape his companion Lil’ Wayne just dropped. Drake intended it to be this way, of course, creating the luxury palace of his dreams that was meant to stand in his home town for a long time. 

Drake describes his home as “overwhelming high luxury” whose message is delivered through the size of the rooms, as well as the materials and details of both the floors and the ceilings. He wanted to make sure that the work he’s exerted throughout the years can be reflected from every vantage point.

  • How To Use This Property For Ideas And Inspiration

So, how can this extravagant, luxurious, presidential-feeling home possibly be used for inspiration in just anyone else’s place? It requires a certain taste, a meticulous eye when shopping or designing, but if it’s your style, it can certainly be done—and on the right budget, of course.

Step number one, brighten up your home. This is the simplest and lowest cost portion of incorporating some Drake into your home. Add lighting, bright linens, new furniture, and open the blinds. Find some exclusive modern art such as large paintings, reasonably sized statues, and wall-mounted figures. Now, if you want to get serious, add some new flooring, likely tile or marble of light color throughout. To go even further? Raise your ceilings if possible, add some ceiling-to-floor windows to go with doors that open to a beautifully open outdoor walkway, and maybe you can even throw some gargoyles out front to finish it off. 

Drake’s home is not for the faint of style, heart, or budget, but if this is you, then go for it! You don’t need to be a multi-millionaire or platinum artist who lives at the top of the charts for a decade to inject a bit of federal luxury into your own unique living space. You deserve it, too.

House Number 4: Nelly Furtado

Now for something a bit more down-to-earth and, you could say, more realistic: Nelly Furtado’s Vancouver hideaway. This 1987 home is settled on a high point in the neighborhood. The home on the hill has been completely renovated to meet modern standards, with its entire 3,650 square feet being as inviting and bright as can be. This is the ideal updated version of a home that was built over 30 years ago now, proving that contemporary style can be achieved no matter the decade your home has its roots in. 

Natural light floods the property and its light-colored wood floors, modern granite countertops, and semi-circular, aesthetically pleasing staircase leading upstairs. The home features three bedrooms with open-concept bathrooms that include dual sinks, a sitting area in one of the bedrooms, or even a media room and yoga studio back on the main floor. 

The Victoria home sits outside British Columbia’s capital, but close enough to its partner city to be considered one of Vancouver’s celebrity homes as well. The house is perfectly lowkey, fulfilling all the requirements of luxury and modernity while also offering plenty of space with a 13,000-square-foot yard alongside. This home is ideal for nature lovers, gardeners, or those who value privacy. 

  • How To Use This Property For Ideas And Inspiration

Of all the homes mentioned thus far, this is one of the easiest to draw inspiration from. A perfectly reasonable-sized home nestled into a renovated suburb with plenty of space, modern amenities and looks, and even an outdoor room to yourself as well. 

Use this home as a reference point for yours if you’re looking to renovate sometime soon. If your home was built in the ‘90s or before that, has some carpet, light cabinetry and counters, or even white appliances, then this is the perfect role model house for you. 

Take this home’s wood flooring and contemporary colored granite as the starting point for totally transforming the look of your place. Flooring truly sets the tone for a home, and if you want to go modern like Nelly, hardwood is the way to go. Consider tile as well, with a more nature-like tone of brown or chocolate. 

Add some new cabinetry as well, with the color depending upon what you chose for your flooring. Go darker if you prefer a more chill atmosphere, or brighter if you want to set a light and airy tone of optimism for the kitchen. 

Finish it off with the perfect counters, with granite being preferable. Add some backsplash if you’d like, and then move on to the rest of your home. Open up the place by removing a wall or two, expanding the master bath, or even converting a tired den into a multi-purpose or more specialized space for yourself. 

Last But Not Least: Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé’s 27,000-square-foot mansion sits right outside of the city in the Burnaby area, making it the perfect candidate for another Vancouver celebrity home. The house shuns expectations in regards to what you’d expect from a luxury mansion-type home valued at over USD$11 million. 

Keeping a low profile and hiding behind some hedges, the home appears to be one level or so with a basement, (based on Michael stating he was building a hockey rink down there) yet still managing that vast 27,000-square-foot number. 

The house reportedly features seven bedrooms and an oddly uneven 15 bathrooms, seeming to have a brightly colored interior with an inviting feel based on the pictures we’ve seen. One photo in particular featuring some very light kitchen backsplash behind Bublé’s wife who appears to be rolling out some dough is where we will focus for inspiration from this one. 

  • How To Use This Property For Ideas And Inspiration

The definition of a modern home, the Bublés’ abode features light colors and could care less about layout expectations by foregoing the whole “multiple floors is cooler” idea entirely. You may or may not have 27,000 square feet or a hockey rink in the basement and tennis courts on the property to work with, but that won’t stop us from drawing inspiration from the concept.

By focusing on modern color tones and key additions in the kitchen, common areas, and bathrooms, you can upscale your home to modern standards as well. Using Michael’s white kitchen backsplash as a reference point, add something similar to your own if you already have the countertops to go with it, and you’ll be astonished at the difference a face-lift like backsplashes can make in a kitchen. 

Add new fixtures to the bathrooms, and a new vanity if necessary. Both are relatively inexpensive and will improve the “curb appeal” of the room dramatically. If needed, and if you want to go a step further, upgrade the flooring as well.

As for the common areas and general flow of the home, add some white linens and light-colored furniture (no kids allowed, of course). Incorporate some accessory pieces in the form of tables and modern artwork, all while focusing on keeping the tone of those you choose in the bright and inviting niche.

Ultimately, Make It Yours

Draw inspiration and ideas from these celebrity homes and their extravagant designs built on top of endless budgets, but don’t feel the need to be them. Take away the concepts you like best about these beautiful creations and turn them into your own version of it in your own space. 

These Canadian celebrity homes are just a few examples of inspiration sources. You can take and apply these concepts across your own home, or look at other examples from different parts of the world as well. At the end of the day, the entire focus of how your home is designed should be you.