Many basketball legends have been resting well, including the big tweety bird, Larry Bird. Indiana’s own played for a nice 13 years. Then, he went into coaching. Within the time the bird flew, he earned more accolades than any other pro basketball player can count. That’s why him and wife, Dinah, moved to a place no other than Florida to relax and enjoy retirement from pro ball. But, Bird was recently called back to manage the Pacers. This might very well be the reason why he listed his 6,007 sq ft Naples residence about a month ago. Bird’s currently asking for $4.8 million flat.

Larry Bird’s 2001 nest-on-steroids sits nicely along the ocean, and rests on 0.4 acres. The premises is gated. Once you go through the double-door gate, you’re already in the personal parking area. There’s some foliage on opposite sides of the gate to greet you. The house consists of two floors, 4 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms. Just by being in the parking area, you already feel like you’re well-protected and isolated. Through the main entrance are hallways that convey ancient greek-inspired architecture. You’d feel as though you’re in Mount Olympus!

A hefty amount of amenities are included. Kitchen w/ bar countertop and seating, movie theater/entertainment room, deck, large patio that accommodates a big BBQ, nice-sized pool, and a dock area. All of this for $4.8 million? Sounds like a fair deal.

Address: 308 Neapolitan Way, Naples FL 34103