It has been amazing Talan Torriero been up to since his days on Laguna Beach?

The former reality star (35) updated his followers in a TikTok about the past two decades of MTV’s hit show. But first, he decided to go back, back to the beginning, and reveal just how his 2004-2005 run on Laguna Beach came to be.

In the clip, he said that MTV had visited my high school in 1996 when I was 16. They were casting for an upcoming show, called Laguna Beach. My life was forever changed when the show went viral. It was crazy. 

While Talan said he “did the Hollywood thing for a couple years,” appearing in projects like the 2006 movie Driftwood and the 2010 film The Killing JarHe noted that he felt it was “time to go big” and started working in performance marketing, creating TikTok videos as well as Instagram ads for brands such Curology, Smile Direct Club, HIMS and Nordictrack. 

He stated, “The chances that you’ve ever seen an ad of mine is almost 100%,” and “so now do you know.”