Gaga said that she was a bit nervous while filming House of GucciShe was driven to perfection by her passion for the craft, and she is still a tireless worker. Interview for The Only for Variety Gaga revealed in a podcast that her method of acting has made her “always Patrizia.”

According to the singer, she recalled “I always spoke in my accent” and said that she was “still living” but it as “her.”

Gaga said that the intense, admiral process she went through had negative consequences. In fact, Gaga brought the “darkness” from Patrizia’s past home with her.  She said that she had a psychiatric nursing nurse accompany me at the end of filming. I felt like it was my duty. It felt safer to me. 

The actress said that she didn’t understand why she was so determined to keep her characters the same. The best I can give is that I had a romantic relationship with my art and have suffered for it. It sometimes gets too much.