BeyoncéThe 2022 Oscars’ greatest achievement is this.

Grammy winner artist, Be Alive performed “Be Alive”, her Best Original Song nomination. This was the first time she sang her song solo at an award show. King RichardThis marks her first Oscar nomination.

Serena Williams Venus WilliamsSerena introduced and announced the song. The performance will take place on their local tennis courts in Compton (Calif.).

As for how Beyoncé managed to keep details of her performance a secret, it’s just the power of Bey! 

The Oscar performance marks the superstar’s return to live performances after two years away from the stage. Her last performance for a large audience was at Kobe Gianna Bryant‘s Celebrate Life in February 2020.

Beyoncé initially didn’t even plan on writing the Oscar-nominated song. Will SmithHe plays the title character. King RichardThe story was told Entertainment Weekly that she decided to collaborate after attending a screening of the film.