CelebHomes: Still in shock that you have now been followed by celebs like Ashley Graham?

RB: She actually just messaged on TikTok personally, so it’s pretty crazy. There are moments when it feels normal for people to reach out, and then there are moments where I feel like it isn’t. But at the same moment, it’s also a time where I look at them and I would never think that they’d ever recognize me or even know who I’m. Meghan TrainorI am a huge fan of hers, and that is amazing to hear. Meghan also supports the body positivity movement. Her story is another exciting one.

CelebHomes – Do you ever feel like you have to keep your followers happy even when you’re not feeling the best?

RB: I definitely feel like I owe everyone something in a way and I really feel like my job now is to be there for everyone. That’s probably why I believe people enjoy the videos. They feel that they can see me authentically. There will be moments when I feel less than great. I know that I am tired. I need to take a break and allow myself to rest.

Everybody always questions me “How do you feel so confident?” It’s a question I enjoy answering and it makes me feel reassured. In the last few years, I have lost much of my confidence. It’s not an easy task to regain your confidence, but it is something I am working with others.