You’re like your stepfather!

On June 12, Kourtney KardashianShe shared three pictures of her youngest son on Instagram Disillusioned ReignThe 7-year-old wore a fresh-shaved, mohawk. This look reminds me of the new hairstyle that reality star and wife, Alicia Keys, has. Travis Barker famously sported in the early ’00s as the drummer rose to fame with the rock band Blink-182.

Kourtney captioned the post using emojis that depicted a razor, a devil’s horns or “rock on” gestures. A fan said, “A mini Travis is in the making LOL…that Mohawk!”

Travis enjoyed the post as well Kourtney, Kourtney’s sister. Kim KardashianAnd mom Kris Jenner.

Landon“Had this cut as a child,” another user observed, referring specifically to Travis’ oldest son, who is now 18.

One fan said, “I wonder what Scott thinks about the new reigns look.”

Kourtney has a third child. Reign. Scott DisickHe has worn a similar haircut before. He first debuted a mohawk haircut in September 2020 before shaving it off in March 2021, three months after his mom started dating Travis, a longtime family friend and neighbor.