Rebel WilsonThe last word is being heard.

Online criticism erupted after an anonymous columnist revealed that the paper he was employed by had reached out to the actress for clarification about her relationship with his girlfriend. Ramona AgrumaWilson responded on Twitter to one of her followers, before she publicly revealed their love.

She said, “Thanks so much for your kind words.” tweeted to another Australian journalist Kate DoakShe expressed support for the Pitching Perfect star. Star

Doak respondedRebel! Ramona, as well as you, be patient and allow yourself to take it at your pace. It hurts tremendously that I have failed to do my best as an educator. You can always reach me by phone if you want to speak.

In an opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning HeraldOn June 10, Private Columnist Andrew Hornery wrote, “It was an abundance of caution and respect that this media outlet emailed Rebel Wilson’s representatives on Thursday morning, giving her two days to comment on her new relationship with another woman, LA leisure wear designer Ramona Agruma, before publishing a single word. Big mistake. Wilson chose to ignore the whole story.