Women have come a long way to being independent and successful. From not having the same rights as men to having the willpower and mindset of being equal completely. Most people are well aware of this woman in particular, who is a veteran model and is still glowing at her age. Cindy Crawford was discovered when tending to corn. Her journey to popularity and making it big in modeling then began. Like every other rising celebrity, she scored a residency in Malibu, one that’s looking to house new tenants for $19,500 a month from September 2013 to May 2014. Rent is looking to increase dramatically to $45,000 a month in June 2014. Said price will continue to be enforced up to August 2014.

Many may think that this is preposterous. Perhaps it’s not. Lets take a look at Crawford mansion. It was built in 1974, has two floors, and measures 2,413 sq ft………although it looks significantly bigger than that. The exterior preserves some of that 70’s look and feel, yet matches up with today’s homes with a hint of modern appeal. The beachfront house rests on the western coast of California. It opens up nicely out onto the sands of El Matador Beach via a lengthy flight of stairs which Crawford would run up and down on daily to maintain her physique.

The new tenants would be treated to a nice and succulent view of the shores of El Matador Beach and the horizon via a long and considerably spacious deck. Floor plan includes 4 bedrooms (one of which serves as an office as well) and 3 bathrooms. The interior is just heavenly, with painted white walls, white curtains, and dark rich hardwood flooring. The ambiance is surely welcoming and feels like both a getaway house and a permanent residence. Amenities include attached garage, fireplace, dishwasher, dryer, stainless steel one-door refridgerator, restaurant-style air vent, garbage disposal, and 24-hour gated security. Who needs a pool when you have an entire beach!

Address: 31952 Pacific Coast Hwy #1/2, Malibu CA 90265