Being a mother has been a wonderful experience. Kirsten Dunst is experiencing a new level of freedom. Her repressed anger was a problem ten years ago. 

A new interview was published with The Sunday TimesIt is the Spider-ManAlumna, 39, shared her experiences with depressive episodes in her 20s that led to treatment at a Utah rehabilitation.

She said that she felt like many people between 27 and 27, when the “s–t” hits her. You can’t be like this mentally, no matter how your brain works. “I feel angry.”

She explained, “You don’t know you’re repressing all your anger. That wasn’t something that was conscious.”

Dunst acknowledged that medication had a significant impact on her health. Dunst stated that it was difficult to speak about something so personal, but important to do so. I will say that medication can be a wonderful thing. Because I was scared to take medication, I didn’t want to sit in the chair for too much. If you have a problem, I recommend that you seek professional help.