There could be more between them Caitlyn Jenner Her ex-wife and the couple. Kris Jenner

Monday Night’s Episode of Big Brother VIPIt is the Staying up with the KardashiansThe alum shared an update on their relationship. The Olympian shared her feelings with housemates, saying that “I believe our relationship isn’t as healthy as it should.” She said that she doesn’t hold any bitter feelings toward her. “I wish it was closer but it isn’t.”

Caitlyn, 72, was asked by Caitlyn if she believed her ex had any misgivings about her after the revelation. She replied that it was an understatement.

Caitlyn said, “Our relationship works well. It could have been better if the children weren’t there. This is always how it works when there are children. The mother and the father are what matters most, their relationship. It’s not easy. Are they happy? Are they able to see one another? Do they feel any tension?