Davis advises anyone working at home to make sure they’re in contact with qualified professionals. According to Davis, “If you work out a lot, extra fuel is necessary.” She also said that it can be dangerous for your muscles and inner organs to not eat sufficient protein and carbs while exercising. Women need a certain amount of macronutrients and that includes all the macros—proteins, carbs and fats—for our hormones to function properly. You can be really thrown off balance by this.

On May 3, actress Lili Reinhart posted a self-described rant about the lengths certain stars went to achieve their Met Gala looks, without naming Kim.

You want to walk on the red carpet as a guest and be interviewed about how you are starving. On her Instagram Story, she posted the above. “So wrong. So, f —-d for 100s levels.

The 25-years-old Riverdale star —who has been open about her own struggles with body image and mental health—also pleaded with her followers to “stop supporting these stupid, harmful celebrities whose entire image revolves around their bodies.”

Kardashian has yet to directly comment on the criticism, but she did share a cryptic message on her Instagram Stories about being willing to learn.

On May 4, the post stated, “Be teachable.” Be open. Sometimes you’re wrong.